DI 120050 : Rhinostar Rhinomanometer, USB

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    DI 120050 : Rhinostar Rhinomanometer, USB

    Terms and Conditions

    This device has been designed to allow the E.N.T. specialist and the allergist, in private as in hospital, to perform the quantitative and analytical study of the nasal obstruction.

    Rhinostar allows the measurement of the pressure gradient and the narino-choasal flow. Thanks to a set of nose tips and two sterilizable masks of different sizes, it is possible to perform anterior or posterior active rhinomanometries, for children as well as for adults.

    The single USB connection Rhinostar ensures its communication with the Disoft II software and its power supply.

    During acquisition, Disoft II displays, in real time, three curves: one of the flow variation, a second of the pressure variation and the sigmoid curve combining the two first ones.

    The automated processing of results performed by the software will allow obtaining a table of nasal resistance values for different flow rates and pressures as well as the regression curves.

    Disoft II allows to easily compare different exams. It highlights the consequences of surgical procedures, evaluates allergy tests or effectiveness and impact of medication.

    The final report of exams or comparisons can be printed with one or more copies on each printer connected to the computer. Moreover, the curves and the results are saved in the Disoft II database and can be consulted at any time.

    Technical specification

    • Flow transducer: ± 1200 ml/s

    • Pressure transducer: ± 1000 Pa

    • Connection and input voltage: USB 2.0

    • Power supply: 0.3 W

    • Weight: 3 kg

    • Size: 300 x 200 x 30 mm (W x D x H) 

    Rhinostar meets EN 60601-1 Standard and Directive 93/42/EEC.

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