DI 301105 : Difra ENT LED microscope, ceiling mount, with full HD video camera, with 950 mm second arm

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    Excellent optics

    Lens are made of imported glass from Germany to reduce the optical aberration. All of the lenses are multi-coated and anti-reflective.

    6-step magnification changer

    The magnification changer knobs are on bath sides of the microscope body. They allow fast and convenient changes and enable brilliant images ranging from an overview of an entire arch to high magnification for a precision inspection.

    Continually Adjustable Eyecup

    Continually Adjustable Eyecup in the eyepieces accomodate an user with or without eyeglasses.

    LED there be light

    LEDs present many advantages over Halogen or Xenon light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness and greater durability and reliability. In addition, LEDs operate at a safe, low voltage, instead of the 250+ volts commonly found in Xenon lighting. They also have a light temperature characteristic of natural daylight.

    Fine Focusing

    Adjust the focus to your personal needs without moving the microscope.

    Brightness Control

    Allows you to easily adjust the light intensity for any clinical situation.

    Yellow and Green integrated Filter

    Yellow filter: prevents premature curing of composite.

    Green filter: improves detail visibility by enhancing the contrast of tissue with a strong blood supply.

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