DI 090120-230-I : Aquastar 2.0 Water stimulator, 230V - 50Hz

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    DI 090120-230-I : Aquastar 2.0 Water stimulator, 230V - 50Hz, programmable. Needs a 3/4" water inlet and an emptying to the sewer

    Terms and Conditions

    The caloric stimulator

    The Aquastar water caloric stimulator is a medical device manufactured in Belgium by Instrumentation Difra SA. The water caloric stimulator is a device that delivers a stream of water to the ear canal at controlled rates of flow and temperature and that is intended for vestibular function testing of a patient's body balance system. The vestibular stimulation of the  semicircular canals produce involuntary eye movements.


    The Aquastar offers lots of possibilities for caloric testing: easy to use, high precision temperature regulation. The handle and its double pipe enable direct stimulation with water at the correct temperature. Its removable cannula and disposable silicone tips allow an easy management of hygiene. Aquastar is ideal when water can be used for stimulation in examination rooms where water inlet and outlet are available.

    Setting up the temperature

    Temperature is selected by a simple rotary switch, each of its four positions allowing a temperature preset configurable. Each temperature can be adjusted up to 48°C, by 0,2°C step. By default, values are 27°C, 30°C, 37°C and 44°C. Temperature is reached within 180s from startup or from any other temperature. A large display indicates the actual temperature.

    Setting up the stimulation time

    An internal chronometer offers through a second rotary switch the possibility to select the stimulation time. Five stimulation times are available: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60s from a simple rotation of the switch. Visual indications on the display and sound indications will help the examiner to run the caloric testing easily and precisely. Over the stimulation period, the reaction period and the fixation period will be delimited by those visual and sound indications.

    Technical specifications

    • Input voltage: 230V/50Hz

    • Water caloric stimulator

    • Minimal temperature reachable: 3°C over the water inlet temperature

    • Maximal temperature reachable: 48°C

    • Temperature stability : +/- 0.3°C

    • Water flow: 350ml/min

    • Timer

    • Requires a water supply and an outlet

    • Size: 310 x 355 x 115 mm (W x P x H)

    Aquastar meets EN 60601-1, the European Directive 93/42/EEC and is certified by SGS Belgium NV, Notified Body 1639

    V1.2 - Nov. 2022

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