VertiStar VR

Subjective Visual Vertical with wireless virtual reality goggle

Spatial orientation requires integration of multiple sensory inputs arising from otolith organs, semicircular canals (SCCs), somatosensory system, graviceptive system, and the visual system. One of the assessments of spatial orientation is the subjective visual vertical (SVV).

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Using wireless connection, the VertiVR can be used in any situation.

Battery powered

Long live time battery up to 24 hours of testing without recharging.

Three differents protocols

With static head position, tilted head position or step recording, nothing has been so easy.

Remote control

Patient bluetooth remote control for fast and easy control of the SVV.

Lightweight goggle

Comfortable and lightweight goggle without special adjustment for a quick test start.

Built in gravity sensor

3D accelerometer to detect the head position regarding the real vertical. .

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