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      The PRO-Line DiSoft II is the most advance software for vestibular diagnostic.It offer flexibility, stability, accuracy and a lot more.

      This software can be use for : 

      • Nystagmography

      • Rhinomanometry

      • Stabilometry

      • Videoscopy

      • ...

      Just by adding some options on the system, you can configure it as you want but also upgrade it later on too !

                Basic Module

                Including : 

                • Spontaneous nystagmus (with and/or without fixation)

                • Gaze nystagmus (with and/or without fixation)

                • Positional nystagmus (Supine, ...)

                • Positioning nystagmus (Dix-Hallpike, ...)

                • Caloric nystagmus (with or without OFI)

                • VOR testing

                Options : 

                • Video recording

                • Situational camera with sound 

                • Hand remote control

                • Foot remote control

                • ...

                Odoo text and image block
                Odoo image and text block

                Oculography Module

                • Full horizontal and vertical visual stimulator

                • Full HD resolution

                • Can be connected to a LCD projector or TV screen

                • Fully customizable test

                • Rabbit target for kids

                Available tests : 

                • Calibration

                • Random saccadic test

                • Smooth pursuit

                • Optokinetic test

                • target for spontaneous nystagmus and gaze nystagmus

                Rotary chair Module

                • Compatible with all "Torque" series

                • Fully customizable test parameters

                Available tests : 

                • Sinuzoidal

                • SHAT test (0.01Hz to 0.64Hz)

                • Velocity step test : 10°/sec to 200°/sec

                • Maximum acceleration/deceleration : 200°/s² (MiniTorque and above)

                • Visual VOR

                • VOR suppression

                • Microcentrifugal test (only with GigaTorque)

                • Vertical-Off axe rotation (only with MegaTorque)

                Odoo text and image block
                Odoo image and text block

                VHIT module

                The vHIT is a measure of the patient’s vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) in response to head movement. Lateral only or 6 canals (Lateral-LARP-RALP). High speed camera : 250 image/sec with 320x240 pixels.

                HIMP VHIT : 
                • Head Impulse Paradigm (conventional / Traditional head impulse test)
                • Head rotation with earth fixed visual target

                • Catch up saccades indicate impairment of the VOR.

                SHIMP VHIT :

                •   Suppression Head Impulse Paradigm 

                •   Head rotation with head fixed visual target

                •   Catch up saccades indicates functioning VOR  

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