HeadStar goggles

Design to avoid slippage, this goggle ables you to perform regular VNG test as well as video head impulse test. 
Thank's to the built it 6 DOF gyroscope/accelerometer and USB HUB that allow us to use only one USB cable to connect to the computer. 

Very light, comfortable, delivered with a cover for vision denied, it's a robust goggle for daily use in your practice.
The external focus knob able you to get a sharp image for the best eye tracking ever !

Bio compatible foam is used and can be cleaned and change when they are too old.

Just add the type of software you want : EASY-Line or PRO-Line and let's go !
Odoo text and image block

Frame rate

Less than 200gr for the camera box excluding the USB cable. Cover for vision denied included.


Comfortable goggle that fits to adults and teenager patient with a great confort.

USB 2.0

Real full USB 2.0 camera with 4.5 meter cable. Direct connexion on your laptop.

Eye Tracking

Unique eye tracking algorithm that avoid problems with eye blinking, mascara, heavy eye lids, ...

High Resolution

High resolution IR camera with, in option, 250Hz frame rate with 320x240 pixels to ensure high quality results.


Built-in fixation light for ocular fixation index calculation during spontaneous, caloric or rotational testing.

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